XeNTaX forums and wiki have shut down and archival attempts have been suppressed. But for good reason!

  • @neoA
    5 months ago

    They went out of their way to move to Discord, a highly closed platform, so I find I don’t give a shit about their opinion/profit model/etc.

    Morally it’s the same as if they took formerly open-source code and re-licensed it as proprietary, and cried that we forked the last open-source version.

    It’s not as if any reasonable person is going to try to pretend that these knowledge/posts came from anywhere but XeNTaX.

  • @AuroraBorealis@pawb.social
    35 months ago

    This is stupid, how is it stealing your work I’d you document a file format or create a extractor and someone else uses it, why the fuck are you making it then?

    Open source is for the benefitting everyone , being selfish like this makes no sense, and I’ll be glad to not let that knowledge vanish into the ether because someone thinks their work that has been up for public access for years is suddenly “proprietary”?