As I get more and more invites to private trackers, I’m finding that I find myself spending more and more time on public tracker websites.

I’ll only use private trackers if I can’t find what I’m looking for on a public tracker. Private tracker rules can get pretty onerous and I prefer to just avoid the whole scene if possible.

If I’m honest, this opinion surprises me. I didn’t expect to prefer public trackers. I always thought that private trackers were so cool and exclusive. I don’t think that way anymore.

    5 months ago

    There are much easier trackers to get into that doesn’t require this much prereading prior.

    Private trackers (not the biggest ones though) do open signups from time to time too (ie no interview no vetting, just sign up), so look out for those.

    The most important thing is if you’re into the content offered on the site - RED’s only attractive if you’re an audiophile for instance, it doesn’t have movies/games etc. Get a name, then find out from there how to get into it. Read the rules on how not to get into leecher status almost immediately once you get in. Once you get your foot into an easier tracker that at least has some content you’re into, then make your way up if you want more.

    • @neoA
      15 months ago

      On the other hand, if you can interview for and get into RED, that’s a strong signal that you can make in in the realm of private trackers.